An Executive Association is a group organized for these purposes:

To further the business interests of the members through an increased awareness of each others products and services.

To stimulate a respect and camaraderie among the members that encourages them to want to be helpful to each other.

To provide a forum through its weekly programs where the member may provide the club with an in-depth look at his/her business and tell how the general membership can be of help.

To encourage and attend open-house gatherings, on a regular basis, to provide the membership an opportunity to become familiar with the host’s business facility and people.

To enhance the business activity of its members through direct trade, referrals, and exchanges of leads.

Although there is no specific political agenda, useful cooperation in matters of common interest or concern may result through relationships developed and nurtured among members sharing similar viewpoints.

An Executive Association is not a service club. Its real and only purpose is to benefit its members through mutual cooperation.