The McKenzie Business Association (MBA) was founded in October of 1974 by a small group of Springfield businessmen who recognized that the city needed its own business networking organization.  At the time, the area's professional organizations were located in Eugene and many of the business classifications were already filled.  The MBA was first called the Springfield Executive Association and was exclusive to businesses that called Springfield home.

During the first six months of its inception, the MBA grew rapidly.  The businesses and businesspeople who initially joined were from various areas of commerce - from professionals in law, accounting, banking and realty to retail establishments such as office supplies, dry cleaning and water craft, to name a few.  Some of these same charter members remain in the group today.

Over the years, membership has fluctuated with economic trends.  In the late 1970's and early 80's the State of Oregon experienced a recession, causing some residents and businesses to relocate.  The MBA was a reflection of this as the organization saw little or no growth.  It was around the mid-80's that the group opened its doors to those outside the city of Springfield and thus changed its name to the McKenzie Business Association.  The group was growing again and membership has remained healthy ever since.  Today, more than 40 businesses and individuals form the organization.